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Apache and MySQL Have Been Upgraded

August 19, 2013 in Updates by Geeks Hosted  |  1 Comments

Just a quick side-note, Apache has been upgraded on our servers today to version 2.4.6. We’ve also upgraded MySQL to 5.5.x.

You shouldn’t notice an effects on your site. This was a behind the scenes update that caused no down-time. As always, we backed up all your data in case something were to go wrong with the upgrade!


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One Response to Apache and MySQL Have Been Upgraded

  1. oldans says:

    When you do large updates like this are you sending out announcements before hand or should I subscribe to the blog? The last time this happened with my current host no newsletter was sent out, they had additional issues and everyone’s site was offline for about three days (I also did not have a current backup so I lost the entire website).

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