Bitcoin Hosting Payment Added

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We now accept bitcoin !

You can purchase any hosting plan from us by using Bitcoin simply and easily. Our system is fully automated and your invoice will be marked as paid after payment confirmation!

Benefits of using Bitcoin

● Send and receive money around the world within seconds
● Bitcoin provides better privacy than most online currencies
● Simple transactions – you only need Bitcoin address to send and receive money

Need Bitcoins? – Buy them them instantly!

Purchasing Bitcoin hosting is now easier than ever before. To buy Bitcoins instantly please visit

bitcoin hosting

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2 Responses to Bitcoin Hosting Payment Added

  1. oldans says:

    Do you plan to offer any other payment methods like this? It seems coins of all types are really taking a turn within many online businesses that are now allowing virtual currencies.

  2. Braedan says:

    It seems more and more businesses online are starting to accept bitcoins as a payment method which is great. The more ways to pay the easier it is for me. I don’t collect bitcoins but obviously there is enough people using it to justify companies accepting it.

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