Use your PaySafeCard to pay for web hosting

All you need to do in order to pay for web hosting with Paysafecard is to select the payment option during checkout. You can also pay Domain names with PaysafeCard.

  • Instant Payment
  • Accepted Worldwide
  • Easy to Sign Up
  • Free to Send Money
  • Instant Activation
  • Subscription Option
  • Secure Payment
  • No Extra Cost
Paysafecard Hosting
Starting from $0.95/mo
SSD Based Hosting
How is PaySafeCard secure?
  • It cannot be cloned
    PaySafeCard PINs and credit cannot be cloned. It uses state-of-the-art security algorithm so fraud is highly unlikely.
  • PIN Block
    If you thing you might be subject to a scam, you can instantly block your PaySafeCard PIN.
  • Strict Privacy
    Paying with Paysafecard is much like paying in cash - your identity is undisclosed to the recipient. You never send your financial information, name, bank account or address to anyone. Your privacy is kept safe!
  • Why use Paysafecard?
    Lots of merchants apply discounts to users that pay with PaySafeCard. Creating an account is free of charge and your payments are instantly made!
  • We Accept Paysafecard Payments
    You can choose to pay with PaySafeCard for web hosting, dedicated servers, domain names and even SEO plans. All the services we offer on our website can be instantly paid with PaySafeCard.
  • PaySafeCard Support?
    Sure, PaySafeCard offers support to all its Customers. On their official website you will have a Help Center and Contact page where you can easily get in touch with them.
Secure payment processor!
Shop Without Sharing Personal Information! Buy hosting with Paysafecard!

Prevent identity theft

If you do not share your financial or private information online, then you drastically lower the chances to have your information stolen. PaySafeCard allows you to make payments without the seller knowing your personal and financial details. Pay web hosting with PaySafeCard and you will not have to worry about identity theft.

Stop unauthorized payments

PaySafeCard has a built-in system that prevents unauthorized payments from being made from your account. Give it a try and see how making payments becomes much easier and secure. Paysafecard Hosting Payment is now an option with us!
Instant Transfers!
With Paysafecard you can control how the payments are made: from your credit card, bank account or your Paysafecard balance.

Pay for web hosting or other goods.

It doesn't matter where you shop, as long as they accept PaySafeCard. Keep your money safe and your identity a secret.

Free to Send and Receive Money

PaySafeCard is free to sign up and easy to use. It requires no fees to create an account and start using its services. Managing your PaySafeCard account is also free of charge.

Paysafecard Hosting Payment

You can select the PaySafeCard payment option upon checkout. The payment takes only seconds to complete and the service is automatically provisioned.
Premium support at your service!
Paysafecard Web Hosting support is always online. Contact us anytime as we always give our best to help Customers solve their issues. Be it a payment issue or a hosting problem, never hesitate in reaching out to us!

We're always open!

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Customer protection

100% Fraud Protection Guaranteed.

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