Fast & Secure SSD VPS Hosting

Powerful Linux VPS Hosting & Windows VPS Hosting that won't break your budget


1 Core


2 GB

Disk Space

20 GB



only $9.95/month only $99.45/year

2 Core


4 GB

Disk Space

40 GB



only $21.95/month only $219.45/year
With features that really make a difference

Scalable Resources

Need more power? Or less? You can easly upgrade or downgrade your vps. No downtime, no data loss.

Instant Provisioning

There's no need to put the project on hold. Your VPS will be up and running in an instant.

Pure SSD Hosting

100% pure Solid State Drive cloud architecture for faster computing times.

RAID Storage

All our cheap vps hosting plans come with RAID 10 for increased performance and redundancy

Easy Management

Get full root/administrator access on your virtual server and run your favorite applications.

Popular OSs

Need Linux or Windows operating system ? We have both, with plenty of distributions.

Dedicated IP

You have 1 IP included for free and you can add up to 3 additional IPs to your virtual server.

30-Day Money Back

The best web hosting experience with no risk. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

What are the advantages of VPS hosting?

More power, control, security and reliability, to name a few.

A Virtual Private Server is a hosting environment with its own dedicated and guaranteed resources. Which translates into increased computing capabilities so you can receive high ammounts of traffic on your website or create and run complex software applications.

When should I choose VPS hosting?

Usually a new website starts the long journey ahead on a regular shared hosting plan, but cases when the website outgrows the plan's limitations are not rare.

So, you should consider VPS hosting when your website starts growing and you anticipate a high volume of traffic, or if you want to deploy complex websites or applications. Our cheap VPS plans are suitable for growing websites while our premium vps plans are just what you need for demanding projects.

Do I need technical skills to manage a VPS?

While a virtual private server is easy to manage trough its installed software, the process will require basic technical knowledge.

A VPS is designed to offer a higher level of flexibility, allowing you to take control of your hosting environment and customize it just how you like it.

However managing your websites on a VPS with a control panel isn't much more complicated than managing them on a shared hosting account.

What operating systems are available?

You will find a variety of operating systems available for our cheap and our premium virtual private servers.

We have multiple versions of CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora for our Linux-based VPSs and Windows 2008, 2012 and 7 for our Windows-based VPSs, with more coming soon.

Will you transfer over my website from my previous hosting provider?

Yes! If they are running cPanel, we can transfer over all email, settings, website and database files.